Pure Lash Pro is offering the most comprehensive hands on classes with lifetime support. Last couple of years Eyelash Extensions became one of the fastest growing beauty industry in the world. Our trainer Cosmetologist Liz (Ulziikhutag) Hughbanks has been lashing since 2007 and total of 17 years of experience in beauty industry entrepreneur.

Pure Lash Pro training includes generous amount of products and supplies. We guarantee you will learn and understand  how to apply eyelashes to precision yet we will guide you and support you 100% to start your own Eyelash Business. 

The Eyelash Extension Mastery course is designed to equip aspiring lash artists with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become experts in the field of lash extensions. This comprehensive program covers everything from the basics of lash extensions to advanced techniques, ensuring that you leave with the ability to create stunning, customized lash looks.

Module 1: Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

  • History and evolution of eyelash extensions
  • Importance of lash health and safety
  • Client consultation and assessment
  • Understanding different lash types and eye shapes

Module 2: Essential Tools and Materials

  • Overview of lash extension tools
  • Selection of lash extensions (lengths, curls, thickness)
  • Adhesives and their properties
  • Proper sanitation and hygiene practices

Module 3: Lash Extension Application Basics

  • Setting up a comfortable workspace
  • Prepping the natural lashes
  • Isolation and separation techniques
  • Classic lash extension application
  • Bonding and curing times

Module 4: Advanced Techniques

  • Volume lash extensions
  • Hybrid lash extensions
  • Mega volume lash extensions
  • Creating customized lash maps
  • Lash styling and design

Module 5: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Common issues and their solutions
  • Lash extension removal
  • Aftercare and maintenance instructions
  • Safe lash filling practices

Module 6: Business and Client Management

  • Building a lash extension business
  • Marketing and branding
  • Pricing and client packages
  • Building client relationships
  • Legal and ethical considerations

Module 7: Practical Application

  • Hands-on practice on mannequin heads
  • Live model practice with instructor guidance
  • Gradual progression to more complex lash sets

Module 8: Certification and Assessment

  • Final assessment of skills
  • Written exam to test knowledge
  • Awarding of Eyelash Extension Mastery Certificate

Bonus Workshops (Optional):

  • Lash lift and tint techniques
  • Brow lamination and shaping
  • Introduction to bottom lash extensions
  • Advanced lash artistry and creative designs

Course Prerequisites:

  • No prior experience required; suitable for beginners and experienced lash artists looking to enhance their skills.
  • Must have a steady hand and attention to detail.

Course Materials Provided:

  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Lash extension kit (for practice)
  • Certification upon successful completion

Please call or text us at (773)415-6426 for the next available classes.